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Only around 20% of the talented players in the 1st and 2nd DFB-Bundesliga youth squads make the jump to a professional football squad. It is crucial to identify which promotional program in which club best matches the individual player. The active career of a professional football player generally lasts 10 years. Therefore, it is important to start thinking at the beginning of the playing career about what will follow on afterwards and which alternatives could suit one best. Injuries and sickness could also shorten the career. All these aspects have to be thoroughly considered. For a sportive performance on the field and to be able to give one’s very best, one needs a strong partner on one’s side. We at Ortega Sports International plan customized, tailor-made careers and promote young talented players as well as their personality. We speak to the people in authority in the clubs, performance centers and boarding schools, always acting in the interest of our players! We use all of our experience, our entire know-how and our national and international relationships for our players – that’s a promise!


Our services are:

  • Goal-oriented, strategic career planning
  • Individual advice on club selection/ national & international
  • Individual advice on the selection of school & boarding schools
  • Comprehensive assistance with regards to health matters
  • Excellent cooperation with physicians specialized in sport medicine
  • Legal advice; negotiations, including contract negotiations
  • Procurement of sponsors, outfitters, insurance
  • Scouting and procurement to scouts of professional football | national &
  • Transfer: Advice, negotiation and transaction
  • Marketing und PR advice.
Antonio Ortega
Antonio Ortega

If there’s one thing that’s near and dear to me, it’s strategically planning the careers of my charges. Only with targeted support and promotion that incorporates all aspects (of what?), and with perfect timing, is the step-up to the professional league achievable.
My years of experience in the football business and the numerous international and national contacts in the sports world are applied to the nth degree. And I guarantee you one thing: I have your best interests, personal needs and goals at heart and – above all – YOU as a person. A trusting working relationship that
follows a holistic approach is all part of the deal.

Antonio Ortega | Player Agent