Talent, personality & opportunity

Those who want to go the challenging, and above all, most exciting way to become a football professional, should not leave anything to luck. First of all, an above average will to perform outstandingly, continuous development of personality and the ability to self-reflect all play a significant role. In addition, far-reaching decisions that determine the direction of the career have to be made at a very early stage. Often there is just
that one-and-only chance to reach the goal. For all of these aspects, professional support is indispensable.

How we think and act

At Ortega Sports International we focus on advice and guidance for young talents on their way to becoming “professional football players“. It is particularly important for us to work closely together with parents or legal guardians of our young talents. We know that – alone on the physical side – the aim of becoming a professional football player requires hard work, drive, ambition, competitiveness and sacrifice. That’s why
we put all our passion, pleasure and experience in our daily tasks so that our talented players have the freedom to perform their very best on the field.

Nobody is just a number for us. We provide tailor-made, optimal advice, perfectly customized for the individual, regardless of the actual league or career phase the player is in.

Continuous contact with the scouting departments and the relevant people in the national and international football clubs is the basis for the individual promotion of our talented players.

We are proud of our lengthy experience in the football business and player guidance. We can rely on our active network of sponsors, outfitters, national and international football clubs and sport physicians. Our list of contacts is reinforced with competent partners for any questions relating to finances, tax and insurance.

Together with you – we invest in young talents

Gemeinsam in die Jugend investieren

For a young person, a successful professional football-playing career is dependent on a large amount of talent and a professional career planning, together with the parents. They are our young, talented individual’s primary point of contact; they are the motivators, promoters and supporters. We at Ortega Sports International are perfectly aware of this situation and have made it our duty to support the families with our expertise, internationally operating network and our broad experience in the football world. Mutual trust and respect at eye-level are especially important for us. All decisions and steps in the career plan are taken as a TEAM.