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When it comes to planning your career, it is better not to sit on the sidelines.

Our talents at Ortega Sports International profit from our long-lasting experience in the professional football business, as advisors of football players as well as in legal counselling. In close contact with parents and/ or legal guardians, we pave the way for the best possible career, so our young talents can become professional football players. We maintain close relationships with sponsors, scouting and performance centers in the German  professional football business as well as with outfitters and physicians experienced in competitive sports. In addition, Ortega Sports International has active contact with the professional football leagues and youth clubs in Spain and the Netherlands as well as in international markets to ensure optimal promotion.

All advantages with us at your side

Contacts &

Profit from our close contacts and connections to national & international football clubs and associations as well as to outfitters and potential sponsors.

Legal Advice & Counseling

More than 20 years of experience in legal advice and service regarding all aspects relevant to a professional football career is available to our  players. Whether the question is employment, medical or insurance related, we are there for our players – consistently, reliably and professionally.

Individual Career Planning

Obtain an optimal and individually tailor-made career plan – not only on, but also off the field.

The career of an active professional football player generally doesn’t last very long; therefore, it is essential to prepare the best possible education with a view to the future after the professional football career. We find the most suitable club with the best offer for sportive performance as well as education in order to promote the strengths of our young talents.


SUCCESS can be planned!

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